City of Horror: Can you Survive the Inv

City of Horror: Can you Survive the Inv
City of Horror: Can you Survive the Inv
No of Players: 3-6
Players Age: 13+
Playing time: 90 mins
Publisher: Asmodee Editions

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In City of Horror, you're playing a group of humans faced with a zombie invasion. The struggle against the dead is important, but your own survival is vital! To win, you'll have to make alliances but also betray your companions.

A game is played over 4 turns. Each turn represents one hour of time before reinforcements arrive. These turns are played out similarly: zombies arrive, players move one of their characters and then each location is resolved (power and attack).

At the end of the 4 turns of play, the player with the most victory points (characters, food and antidote) wins the game. But be careful: to get into the helicopter, the players will have to make sure each of their living characters has been vaccinated.


  • Highly replayable.
  • Intense and immersive!



  • 7 site tiles
  • 3 road tiles and a water tower area
  • 1 water tower
  • 21 character cards
  • 21 character tokens
  • 1 woman with baby character token
  • 40 zombie tokens
  • 30 colored bases
  • 36 movement cards
  • 40 action cards
  • 20 invasion cards
  • 6 explosion markers
  • 1 starting player marker
  • 12 food tokens
  • 16 antidotes
  • 1 zombie leader marker
  • 3 caches to be used when parties to less than 6 players
  • 6 markers to indicate the color of the player



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