Anima RPG Prometheum Exxet

Anima RPG Prometheum Exxet
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Pages: 128
Format: Hardback

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Prometheum Exxet: The Supernatural Artifacts, a supplement for the Anima: Beyond Fantasy roleplaying game, is a book of artifacts from eras long past that can still be found in the forgotten corners of Gaïa. It is a thorough  compendium of powerful objects that have managed to survive the countless conflicts of Gaïa and the ravages of time. Prometheum Exxet brims with tales of these wondrous relics, and gives players the tools to create their own stories based on them!



  • A 128-page, full color, hardcover book
  • A supplement for Anima: Beyond Fantasy, an RPG based in an anime-inspired fantasy world
  • Includes hundreds of item descriptions that add rewards and history to your game
  • Describes artifacts in several increasing tiers of power and rarity
  • Includes instructions for crafting your own tales and epic items

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