21cm NW42 Rocket Launcher (GE592) with 3 launchers, Observer team & Command team.

The 21cm NW42 was a larger version of the 15cm NW41. Due to it larger size, the 21cm NW42 had five launching tubes compared to the six on the 15cm NW41. Mounted on a towed carriage derived from the 3.7cm PaK36 anti-tank gun, it featured a stabiliser fitted to the front in order to maintain balance when firing.

The rockets were spin-stabilised and fired electrically, however the back blast created when launching the rockets left a highly visible smoke trail which left the position vulnerable to counter battery fire. Crews often had to act quickly to relocated their positions to avoid such occurrences.

Fitted with either impact or delay fuses, the rockets themselves were only armed with high explosive warheads. In order to utilise the smoke ammunition of the 15cm, liner rails could be fitted. Despite the improvements in the 21cm rocket, it continued to suffer from the dispersion problems as experienced with the 15cm rocket.

In Flames Of War

A battery of 21cm NW42 launchers provides a cheaper option when compared to traditional artillery pieces with improved performance compared to the 15cm NW41.

Range: 72"/180cm; Anti-tank 3; Firepower 3+

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter


SKU 12994
Barcode # 9420020214545

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