The Dark Eldar are pirates who strike without warning or mercy from the Dark city of Commorragh. Every raiding band is unique - from the heraldry and armour of the Kabals, through the vivid colours of the Wych Cults, to the pale flesh and surgical steel of the Haemonculus Covens, each has its own look and way of war.

Raiders of Commorragh is a 128 page painting guide for the Dark Eldar. Inside you will find four fantastic armies - the Kabal of the Flayed Skull, the Lords of the Iron Thorn, the Cult of Strife and the Prophets of Flesh. Each army is presented with a detailed background and history. Along with clear, detailed stage-by-stage photography that provides all the information you need to recreate the colour schemes and markings on your own miniatures.


SKU 28916
Barcode # 9781782534952
Format Hardback

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