In 5150: New Beginnings you're thrust into a bustling, living urban environment hundreds of years in the future. Or maybe it's just a place far, far away. In any case, your goal is to take your characters; we call them Stars, as far as they can go. Acquire wealth, fight crime, commit crime, or something in between; it's all up to you. Want to be an interplanetary smuggler or how about a bounty hunter? Yep, you can be that. Want to feel the rush of jacking up your body with the latest technology and running on the edge. Oh yeah baby, this is the place.

You'll find everything you'll need to play an exciting sci-fi adventure game including:

  • A wide range of Skills, Attributes, Classes and Professions to make each Star unique.
  • Cyber-Enhancements to give your characters the “edge” they’ll need to compete on the streets of NHC.
  • Five, truly, Alien Races.
  • A complete, low maintenance, Campaign System that allows for Character Advancement as well as linking your adventures together.
  • A realistic Combat System that's easy to learn and adds tension to your games.
  • Four Basic Encounters that can be played over and over and always with a different result.
  • A complete Environment to adventure in, New Hope City.

5150: New Beginnings can be played solo, same side with everyone against the game, or competitively against your friends. It's also playable with any figures you may already have and in any scale. That and it's fully compatible with 5150: Star Army, our military sci-fi game. 5150: New Beginnings is all about the story, your story. So stake out some time, grab a relaxing beverage of your choice and…

Welcome to 5150: New Beginnings - Where things aren't always as they appear


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