7.5cm leIG18 gun (SS) (GE556)

One of the tactical lessons learned during the first war, was that each battalion of infantry would benefit from its own artillery support. This led to the development of light guns that could be used in this role.

The development of the 7.5cm infantry gun was conceived by Rheinmetall-Börsig and in 1927 the first model appeared. It entered service in 1932 as the 7.5cm leichte Infantriegeschutz 18.

The first guns had wooden spoked wheels, while later versions were equipped with stamped metal wheels and rubber tires for towing by motor vehicles.

The leIG18 had a peculiar breach that broke somewhat like a shotgun, breaking open and tilting to expose the breach for loading. In spite of its limited range, it proved effective and reliable. Later in the war, it could be used in the anti-tank role using a specially developed hollow-charge rounds, but with only limited effect.

The 7.5cm leIG18 Gun in Flames Of War

Weapon Mobility Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower Notes
7.5cm leIG18 gun Light 16"/40cm 2 5 3+ Gun shield, Smoke.
Firing bombardments   48"/120cm - 3 6 -



  • Two 7.5cm leIG18 guns with crew
  • One Command SMG team
  • One Observer Rifle team
  • Two Small bases
  • Two Medium bases


Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Mark Hazell


SKU 18778
Barcode # 1806

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