Bullgors are massive bull-headed monstrosities that constantly hunger for blood and meat. Twice the height of a man and substantially [more?] muscular, their horns can eviscerate with a single thrust. When called to war Minotaurs charge with a thundering impact and hack apart their hapless victims with formidable weapons.


This box set contains three multi-part plastic Minotaurs/Bullgors. This 80-piece set includes: three different bodies, five variations of head, five different manes, six sets of horns, three different shields, three variations of great weapon and 10 different hand weapons.

Also included are all of the components needed to assemble a warherd drummer, banner bearer and a Bloodkine. Models supplied with 40mm square bases.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 87 components with which to build one Beastmen Ghorgon or Cygor. This set includes plenty of optional extras, including two extra bladed arms for the Ghorgon, a very large rock for the Cygor to throw, two different heads, and plus plenty of skulls, skeletons and bones to adorn the belt and base of the model. This kit comes with a 50x100mm monster base. It is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Cygor 7 2 1 6 5 5 3 5 8
Unit Size: 1
Special Rules: Immune to Psychology, Large Target, Magic Resistance (2), Stubborn, Terror, Ghostsight, Hurl Attack, Soul-eater
  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Ghorgon 7 4 0 6 6 6 3 6 10
Unit Size: 1
Special Rules: Frenzy, Immune to Psychology, Large Target, Stubborn, Terror, Swallow Whole, Strength from Flesh, Bloodgreed



SKU GAW81-11
Barcode # 5011921018178
Brand Games Workshop

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