Among The Stars: Expanding The Alliance (aka The Promos)

The Great Galactic War is upon us!  The Alliance of Races in the galaxy move swiftly to build their space stations with new technology that they are creating to defend against the impending threat.

Among the Stars: Expanding The Alliance (formerly known as "The Promos") is the second expansion for Among the Stars. This expansion can be combined with the base game and/or the first expansion, Among the Stars: The Ambassadors.

Among the Stars: Expanding The Alliance features a significant amount of new game material for lovers of this great game system, Among the Stars.  See "More Information" for the extensive list of included components.

The Among the Stars line of games is critically acclaimed, using card drafting (like in "7 Wonders").  It was originally published only in Europe by Artipia Games, and it has been unavailable in retail channels throughout the rest of the world.  Stronghold Games is proud to bring this game out for the North American, Asian, and Australian gamers!

All expansions for Among the Stars will be published by Stronghold Games as well, so stay tuned for the rest of this great game line!


  • Special Locations
    • Ambassadorial Shuttle (2 cards)
    • Waste Processing Facility(2 cards)
    • Galactic Expo (2 cards)
    • Xenobiology Lab (2 cards)
    • Zero Gravity Area (2 cards)
    • Defense Grid (2 cards)
    • Casino (2 cards)
    • Section Seal (2 cards)
    • Logistics Facility (2 cards)
    • Galactic Trade Centre (2 cards)
    • Space Combat Simulator (2 cards)
    • Alliance Strategic Command Location Set (2 cards)
    • Mess Hall Location Set (2 cards)
    • Administrative Sector Gateway (2 cards)
    • Diplomatic Sector Gateway (2 cards)
    • Business Sector Gateway (2 cards)
    • Recreational Sector Gateway (2 cards)
    • Military Sector Gateway (2 cards)
    • Hotel (alternative artwork) (2 cards)
    • Holding Cells (alternative artwork (2 cards)
    • Ship Repair Facility (alternative artwork) (2 cards)
    • Alien Museum (alternative artwork) (2 cards)
    • Galactic Court (alternative artwork (2 cards)
  • Conflict Sets
    • Infestation (12 cards) + Tokens
    • Relocation (12 cards)
  • Objectives
    • Energy Efficient (1 card)
    • Fully Operational (1 card)
    • Something for Everyone (1 card)
    • Multipurpose (1 card)
    • No Delays (1 card)
    • Reach for the Stars (1 card)
  • Races
    • Debos Alien Race
    • Nyxtos Alien Race + Tokens
    • Ludons Alien Race + Tokens
  • Ambassadors
    • Ludons (4 cards)
    • Revuarz (4 cards)
  • Mini Expansions
    • Alliance Inspection (6 cards)
  • Reactors
    • Vak Main Reactors (2 cards)
    • Vak Main Reactor for the 5th and 6th player (1 card)
    • Main Reactors for the 5th and 6th player (2 cards)
    • Power Reactors (3 cards)
  • Other
    • Ship Tokens for the 5th and 6th player (2 tokens)
    • Bureau cards for the 5th and 6th player (10 cards)
    • 10-credit token (1 token)
    • 5-credit token (1 token)
    • 8x Energy Cubes


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Brand Stronghold Games
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