The first game in Mike Rinella's Battle Command Series with Worthington Games.


Anzio was a bold attempt by the Allies to outflank the Germans from their strong defensive lines centered on the abbey above the twon of Cassino. Part of the Allied strategy was to hammer the German defensive position at Cassino, pinning the Germans, while the units landing at Anzio cur their escape and swept towards Rome.


The Battle Command Series are quick playing games with large 7/8" counters, a double sided map board, rules, and dice. Each battle has 4 pages of rules. Units are rated for their strength and movement, as well an endurance rating that reflect how much damage a unit can sustain in combat. Each battle includes 2 scenarios, one for the complete campaign, and one for a shorter scenario. In Anzio for example you get a scenario starting with Operation Shingle running from January 22 to February 20, 1944. Each turn represents five days of combat, and each hex is about 2 miles across.



  • Thick cardstock map board
  • 2 full colour counter sheets
  • Full colour rulebook
  • Player Aid Chart
  • Dice

Complexity: 2/10
Solitaire:  Suitable for solitaire play


SKU 14306
Barcode # WthAnzio

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