In Art of War you take on the role of a general attempting to outwit and overwhelm your competition.

Balance protecting your civilian workers to grow your army, reinforcing the territory you have conquered to protect your monarch, and expanding your borders by conquering neighboring territories. This will allow you to maneuver until your enemy's monarch is vulnerable to your decisive and eliminating strike.

On your turn you must carefully balance your moves to consolidate power, conquer new regions, and produce troops.

Attacking a region defended by one of your enemies is always a risk, with the attacker taking casualties in the first volley then both sides removing pieces equal to the number of opposing military pieces. Last man standing will claim the battlefield as his own.

The defender holds the edge in combat, but clever tactics will overcome this advantage. Solid planning and adaptive thinking will carry the day.

Each of the eight generals brings a unique power to field of battle. Will you control the shadowy Ninja, striking with a silent blade?
Will you wield the power of faith as the Monk?
Perhaps you will lead the barbarous horde in savaging the lands of all who stand against them?

Each of these powers will alter the stratagems and tactics you employee. With great scalability and team play the game will offer challenges for a long time to come.

Each game comes complete with a solid wood laser-engraved game board and over 300 wood pieces!

Size: 14" H x 16" W x 3" D


SKU 10907
Barcode # 895713002539

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