Bofors 37mm Portee (BR152)

The rough open desert of Egypt and Libya taught the anti-tank gunners to carry their gun portee, mounted on the back of an unarmoured truck. This gave the gunners much needed mobility whilst extend the service life of the anti-tank gun.

Over the course of the campaign a whole range of different anti-tank guns were carried portee including the standard British 2 pounder, the Bofors 37mm, and the 9th Australian Division’s 2/3 Anti-tank Regiment had a number of captured Italian Breda 47/32 guns.

The guns could be fired from the back of the portee or dismounted and fired from the ground. Because of the highly mobile nature of warfare in the Western Desert, gun crews preferred to fight portee. Typically each Brigade Anti-tank Platoon would be attached to an infantry battalion, and then assigned to support the infantry company defending the sector most likely to be attacked by enemy armour.

The British made use of the Swedish designed Bofors 37mm anti-tank gun to make up for the shortage of their own OQF (Ordnance Quick Fire) 2pdr guns. During the early stages of the war, the Bofors 37mm gun proved very effective against the lightly armoured German tanks such as the Panzer I and Panzer II. However, as tank designs improved and offered better armour protection, the Bofors 37mm gun soon became obsolete.


The Bofors 37mm Portee in Flames Of War

Name Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes
Weapon Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower  
Bofors 37mm Portee Wheeled - - - AA MG, Tip and Run.
Bofors 37mm gun 24"/60cm 3 6 4+ No HE, Portee.
47/32 gun 24"/60cm  3 6 4+ Portee.



  • One cut-down Morris 15cwt truck
  • One 37mm Bofors gun
  • One 47/32 gun
  • Two Gun crew figures
  • One Driver figure


Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Shelby


SKU 18780
Barcode # 1808

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