Bren Carrier Platoon (BR208)

Each infantry battalion has a carrier platoon of three patrols. Each patrol has three Bren Gun Carriers, each crewed by an NCO, a driver/mechanic and a rifleman. The carriers are armed with a Bren light machine-gun, with one carrier in each patrol armed with a Boys anti-tank rifle as well.

Blister contains three Bren Carriers.


In Flames Of War


Front 0; Side 0; Top 0.

Equipment and Notes
Hull MG, Hull-mounted (Boys Anti-tank Rifle).

Arm up to one Bren Gun Carrier per Carrier Patrol with a Boys anti-tank rifle for +5 points per carrier.

with Boys Anti-tank Rifle
Range 16"/40cm; ROF 2; AT 4; Firepower 5+


Carrier Patrols operate as separate platoons, each with their own command team. Although its patrols operate as separate platoons for all other purposes, a Carrier Platoon deploys all at the same time as a single platoon. For example, this means that you treat the entire Carrier Platoon as a single platoon when calculating the number of platoons held in Ambush or Reserve.

Carrier Patrols are Reconnaissance Platoons.

Design by Evan Allen & Anton Ducrot.
Painted by James Brown & Jeremy Painter.


SKU 14208
Barcode # 9420020215665

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