The first player to the 100-point target wins. 

Each round all players get 7 new letter cards.  A die is rolled to determine the length of the word that will score points in that round.  (Ex.  If a 4 is rolled, only 4-letter words score points that round).  Roll a bull’s-eye and the roller gets to determine that round’s word length. 

Each letter card has a value attached to it.  Some special letter cards have a range of values (Ex. 0 - 2) where a player gets to choose the value (0, 1 or 2) if those cards can be used in a word.  Playing at the same time, using their own cards, players have one minute to make a word of the determined length for that round. At the end of each round players advance their tokens by the number of points in the word they made starting with the player who rolled the die. 

Choose carefully.  Your highest-scoring word isn’t always your best choice.  There are consequence targets on the board (red - always beneficial, black - take a chance) that can help you get to the final goal fastest.  Land on a target - take the consequence.  Making words that hit (or miss) these targets is the key to winning. 

There is also a "quick-play" version (15 minutes) where the die is not rolled and any length word scores points.



  • A brand new, patent-pending method of play never seen before in a word game where the words you create act like your darts as you use them to try to hit or avoid certain targets along your path to the winning goal.  Your highest-scoring word isn't always your best choice.
  • All players play at the same time so there is no boredom waiting for your turn.
  • After each one-minute challenging playing round, there is a short scoring round which allows players a little time to relax and socialize.
  • Each round you receive all new letter cards and a new roll of a die (which determines that round's word length) to ensure that every hand brings new opportunities.
  • There are no pens or paper needed to play this game and the average game time is about 30 minutes (15 for the "Quick-play" version).  The game board, visible to all, is your score board.
  • It's a great brain exercise where your vocabulary, spelling, number, and logic skills are tested.
  • The game involves strategy, taking chances, and a bit of luck.
  • Unpredictable game results where anyone can be a winner.
  • An amazingly simple variation allows adults to be able to play with kids without compromising the challenge for anyone.  The playing field is completely leveled.  Really.  You will have to do your best to beat your kids!
  • Highly educational.  A must-have in your family game collection.


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