As a Captain of Industry, 3-5 players will vie for domination in the cutthroat arena of the marketplace. To do this, you will:

  • Build facilities to control supply,
  • Develop real estate to manipulate demand,
  • Invest in technology to increase efficiency,
  • Complete hidden agendas to secure your legacy, and
  • Undercut the competition to dominate the marketplace!

You will depend on your opponents to fuel your expansion. Supply and demand are king in this player-driven marketplace!

When you produce goods, you set the price of those goods however you would like. When any player buys that good, they must by from the player with the lowest price... and the seller gains that money plus Market Share (victory points). So you'll want to undercut your competitors, and look to produce goods that are in high demand.

During the game, you'll buy Real Estate, which has a big impact on the demand for goods. By selling goods, dominating markets, and completing the objectives on your Captain cards, you'll make your bid to be the true Captain of industry!




Barcode # 574

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