The Darkenfold Forest, old, twisted, and mired in the murmured rage of a time long gone, is a refuge for all the malcontents of the world. Those who seek to escape governance, both good and ill, wild creatures and monsters of lore, the hunted and the hunters, all find comfort in the darkening fold. Lost in the dark-cast wood are ancient ruins, dungeons and keeps, magic and treasures untold. It's a land ripe for adventure, ripe for riches, ripe for glory!

Beneath the Canopy Green is a boxed set of seven Castles & Crusades adventures:

  • C1: Mortality of Green,
  • C2: Shades of Mist,
  • C3: Upon the Powder River,
  • C4: Harvest of Oaths,
  • C5: Falls the Divide,
  • C6: Ends Meet,
  • and C7: Castle Upon the Hill,
  • and includes an Adventure Book,
  • a Book of Maps,
  • and two Area Maps.


Barcode # 9781944135614

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