Charlie Company – A set of rules to game Vietnam on a tabletop with miniatures!


The players are all American NCOs and officers “in country”; the referee designs each scenario and controls the hidden forces of the NVA/VC enemy. This makes Charlie Company a unique tabletop miniatures game, for a substantial amount of role-playing is involved; you will have a figure on the tabletop that is you – 100%. You can’t even talk to the other players unless your figure is in a position to do so! You have to survive twelve missions (12 months game time) to complete your tour and rotate home.

The question: What is winning?

A: Defeating your enemy Or
B: Surviving your tour of duty?

The choice is yours. Charlie Company is unique in the fact that you must balance the achievement of your short term goals – defeating the VC – with your ultimate objective – lasting until your DEROS date comes up and you (your miniature at any rate) can hop that freedom bird back to the world.

In most other miniature battle simulations, players are in a contest with one another and the miniatures do the dying – a certain detachment is achieved and artificial morale rules are required to represent your men’s sense of self preservation.

Charlie Company places you – the player – virtually on the tabletop, in harms way, so to speak. The other players are with you on the table, facing the enemy. You must co-operate together, execute and follow mission planning and orders to win and survive – good luck, have fun and get some!

“The enemy may be operating from the delusion that political pressure combined with the tactical defeat of a major military unit might force the US to throw in the towel” – Gen. William C. Westmoreland. November 1967

Nine Rules for Personnel of US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

     The Vietnamese have paid a heavy price for their long fight against the Communists. We military men are in Vietnam now because their government has asked us to help its soldiers and people in winning their struggle. The Vietcong will attempt to turn the people against you. You can defeat them at every turn by the strength, understanding and generosity you display with the people. Here are nine simple rules:

  1. Remember we are guests here. We make no special demands and seek no special treatment.
  2. Join with the people! Understand their life, use phrases from their customs and laws.
  3. Treat women with kindness and respect.
  4. Make personal friends among the soldiers and common people.
  5. Always give the Vietnamese the right of way.
  6. Be alert and ready to react with your military skill.
  7. Don’t attract attention by loud, rude or unusual behavior.
  8. Avoid separating yourself from the people by a display of wealth or privilege.
  9. Above all else you are a member of the US Military Forces on a difficult mission, responsible for all your official and personal actions. Reflect honor upon yourself and the United States of America.



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