by Philip J. Viverito

Classical Hack Ancient Warfare: 600 B.C. to 600 A.D., Second Edition is a historical game system for use with miniature figures in the ancient period. The book itself is 42 pages in and is profusely illustrated with diagrams and charts. In addition to this the Second Edition also boasts having an index which in itself is unique.

"Alexander Crossing the Granicus River", as painted by Peter Connolly, F.A.S., graces the cover of Classical Hack. Classical Hack was orignaly a multiple volume set written and designed by Philip J. Viverito, Ed Backer, and Richard Kohlbacher. However, it has been completely reworked by Philip J. Viverito in this new edition. There are many interesting and historically correct interpretations, from our view of history and gaming, that other rules have failed to make for translating history into gaming realities. Classical Hack Second Edition has many built-in game  mechanics that recreate historical results without losing any of the fun of gaming with miniatures.

These interpretations are realized in each special section contained in the rules. Besides the regular inclusions such as melee, shooting, movement and morale players will find "Special Add-on Tactics", "Army Lists" sections. Many "newbies" find this extremely helpful for getting into Ancient gaming.

Generally speaking Classical Hack does more than any other ancient rule systems that have come before it and have not done since. Classical Hack may in the future be equaled but it will never be surpassed for its ease of play or historical accuracy.

Classical Hack approaches historical gaming in a non-tournament way. Does this mean tournament play is no good? No! It simply means that there are many ways to game and we just feel more comfortable outside tournament gaming. Our system offers the historical gamer a new approach based not on army lists but on historical army organization in relation to real tactics. Not being tournament driven players never have to worry about endless rules changes and up dates. However we do encourage players to modify the rules to suit their historical understanding.



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