An abandoned planet, a ruined world, a place where few still remember...

The world of Dark Age is a world of contradiction. Plasma rifles meet crossbows, laser torches meet horse-drawn ploughs, and future philosophy meets ancient religion. The inhabitants of our world all share one simple trait, the instinct for survival at any cost:

A politician's church ruling long abandoned humans with an iron fist.
Self-proclaimed demigods thrusting humanity forward with ancient technology.
An alien race, battling dishonor through warriors' eyes, defending their adopted home.
Mutated barbarians, thirsting for revenge against those who forsook them.
Vat-spawned nightmares created by a perversion of the evolutionary principle and unleashed by an insane mother.
And there are others, humanity's sins risen up against them, an angel fallen through scientific pride, even more secrets held close by a merciless world.

Welcome to Samaria.


The Basics

Dark Age is a, fully scaleable, skirmish level wargame played in the 28-33mm scale. The Soon to be released Dark Age: Apocalypse is two books that contain everything you will need to play Dark Age. Dark Age: Apocalypse-Core Rules gives you the Basic rules to play the game, in addition Campaign Rules, Scenarios, Terrain Interaction and Weather Effects to liven up your game. Dark Age: Apocalypse-Forcelists contains 13 playable Forcelists, complete with fantastic artwork and intriguing storylines

Dark Age Games is committed in it's intention to make this game the benchmark for overall quality in the industry. With art from the inimitable Brom and Dark Age's own in-house artists, premium quality miniatures from the world's top sculptors such as Edgar Ramos, Werner Klocke, Kevin White, Steve Buddle and Gael Goumon painted by some of the best painters money can buy: Alexi Z, Arjay, Wappellious and more. A robust and well-tested game engine rounds off the package, developed and expanded over years of hard work and dedication.

All miniatures are pewter and range in size from 5mm to over 60mm, with the average human male coming in at around 32mm. Miniatures are shipped in clamshells with larger boxsets also available.


Gameplay and Mechanics

Dark Age is a fast paced, bloody skirmish game. Combat is strategic but intuitive and most definitely not for the faint-hearted with the edge normally given to aggressive play. The game utilizes many specific characteristics including...

  • D20s: Dark Age only uses one dice type, the d20. High is bad and low is Good. There are many rules throughout the game to represent the "Law of 1 and 20" so special effects take place when rolling either of those 2 numbers.
  • Action Points (AP): Every Unit has a specific number of Action Points (average is 2) which they can use to perform actions such as Move, Shoot, Make a Close Assault etc.
  • Alternate Unit Activation (AUA): Rather than the usual IGOUGO method, Dark Age uses AUA. Each player moves one Individual or Squad then the next player moves one and so on. When moving a Squad each member within the Squad exhausts their APs before the player moves to the next member.
  • Malfunctions (MAL) : Not everything works very well on the world of Samaria. To take this into account most technology has a MAL number and should you roll over it then are hit by the effects, some of which can be quite devastating.
  • Special Abilities: Dark Age splits up Abilities into 3 categories; Weapon Abilities, Special Abilities and Force Specific Abilities.
    • Weapon Abilities are exactly what they sound like, abilities specific to a weapon rather than the wielder. These include such every day ones as Extreme Damage, Blast and Knock prone through to more unique ones such as Numb, Point Blank and Piercing.
    • Special Abilities are specific to Individuals themselves. Again they include such mainstays as Never Panic, Infiltrate and Hatred through to the more strategic or weird like Command, Nonliving Unit and Major Focus.
    • Force Specific Abilities are inherent abilities of each Faction. These will be expanded on in the Factions section below.
  • Cowardice will not be Tolerated: Like Malfunctions this was a popular idea amongst playtesters. Surviving on Samaria is not for the yellow-bellied and should you show such weakness you are unlikely to be forgiven and tucked up warm in bed. Cowards are dealt with harshly during combat so should a Unit find itself fleeing they should really try hard not to go too near their fellow 'comrades'.


The Core rulebook is 96 pages, full color hard cover. It contains the basic rules to play plus Terrain Interaction rules, 20 objective based scenarios, campaign rules, and elements effects for the games.


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