Day & Night is a strategic board game where two players duel as Lady Day and Lady Night. The many spells and strategies make every game different than the other and exciting until the very last turn.

Five billion years of doing the same work has caused the sisters to tire of their job, they want to retire. But how to decide who can stay in their beautiful palace? Day and Night stand on opposite sides of the valley of emptiness, a spine-chilling place with floating boulders, used ever since the Dawn of Time and Memory to battle for justice. The goal is to build two Temples and in doing so honor the gods and enforce justice. Naturally, neither party will let the other go about their business. They will have many opportunities to thwart the plans of the other. For in order to build a Temple, they will need to gain control of their surroundings.

Build two temples to win the game. A temple consists of a pattern of nine tiles bordering on each other. All the tiles have to be of your own type (Day or Night). Whenever a player succeeds in creating such a pattern, he or she puts nine 'Temple-counters' on those tiles. These tiles cannot be turned over or changed for the rest of the game!

Tiles are created by playing Spells. Each turn you have "12 hours" to use for playing spells and for moving your pawn across the board. When you play a spell, you deduct the number of hours that is shown in the top left corner of that Spell from the total amount of hours you have left. For every tile your pawn travels, you draw a new spell from your book of spells and deduct 3 hours from the total amount of hours you have left. Both decks are unique, and each has its own special 'theme'. Day uses Mystify spells and Night uses Crystallize spells.

The uniqueness of both the decks give both players specific advantages and disadvantages. Your success depends on your ability to use your resources and possibilities in an optimal and creative way, and to be able to adapt and read your opponent well.

Day & Night is the type of game you can master through practice and experience, with many different available tactics and strategies for each different situation in the game.

Besides the many positive reviews, Day & Night has received the International Gamers Award 2009 for best 2-player board game of the year!

Card Driven Abstract

Plan your actions and anticipate on the actions of your opponent; combine spells, use them with perfect timing to maximize their effect, and beware to place your pawn where you need it most. Day & Night is a challenge for everyone who likes strategic board games!

Original Art

Upcoming fantasy artist Eerin Vink hand painted over 40 arts, specially for the Day & Night board game. There is a large illustration on each of the cards, showing the magical effect of the spell.


  • 70 Night Spells
  • 70 Day Spells
  • 44 Tiles
  • 1 Game Board
  • 2 Day Pawns
  • 2 Night Pawns
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 8 Mystify-Counters
  • 18 Day Temple-Counters
  • 12 Crystallize-Counters
  • 12 Night Temple-Counters

Publisher: Mystics


SKU 11223
Barcode # 9789078436010

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