The race to escape Earth has begun!


With the world's nations on decline, powerful corporations now stand as humanity's last hope. Take the reigns of one such corporation as CEO and venture out into space. With your mission in hand; build ships, collect resources, research technologies, survive the dangers of space exploration, and hopefully, while you're at it, preserve the human race. Remember to stay a step ahead of competing corporations, which can use slick marketing campaigns and 10 cent tchotchkes to buy the loyalty of the people you just saved from certain doom! It's tough being a CEO.

Players are rewarded points for sticking to the mission and building colonies, and saving colonists. As you are a CEO you are also rewarded points for filling the Corporate treasury, and building the company's value proposition by retaining rights to the best technologies. Game play is fast, and exciting. Events, and the vast variety of hazards that space has to offer will keep you on your toes, and your underlings busy on the paperwork for decades to come!



  • 57 Exploration Tiles
  • 49 Technology Cards
  • 90 Customer Tokens
  • 105 Resource Tokens (65x 1, 20x 5, 20x 10)
  • 48 Corporation tokens (12 of each color)
  • 16 Space Ships (4 colors, 4 unique sculpts)
  • 6 Warp Gate Tokens
  • 6 Warp Gate Token Stands
  • 4 Orbital Platform Tokens
  • 1 Earth Starting Tile
  • 4 Player Dashboards


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Barcode # 9780985914806

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