The Doctors Sourcebooks provide an incredible encyclopaedia of the Doctor’s adventures through time and space, with every single on-screen episode detailed. They feature an analysis of the tone and themes of each Doctor’s tenure, offer adversary statistics and a ton of ideas on how to run similar adventures for your gaming group.

If you’d like to become a Doctor boffin, supercharge your games with deep lore, or just want to reverse the polarity of neutron flow then, now is your chance! You’ll be able to amaze your friends with your in-depth knowledge of every single episode, as well as gaining hundreds of ideas for your games.

This bundle contains one copy of each of the following:
Dr Who First Doctor Sourcebook
Dr Who Second Doctor Sourcebook
Dr Who Third Doctor Sourcebook
Dr Who Fourth Doctor Sourcebook 
Dr Who Fifth Doctor Sourcebook 
Dr Who Sixth Doctor Sourcebook
Dr Who Seventh Doctor Sourcebook
Dr Who Eighth Doctor Sourcebook
Dr Who Ninth Doctor Sourcebook
Dr Who Tenth Doctor Sourcebook 
Dr Who Eleventh Doctor Sourcebook


Barcode # DWSBCB7
Format Hardback

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