Dragons Bottle Green & Gold Dice Set (7)

The difference between East and West is also a dispute over what dragons are. In the Far East, it is believed that they are wise and good beings who help people. They are also supposed to bring good luck. In the West, dragons are dangerous monsters eating people and burning property. Sometimes dragons are actually the Herald of the Apocalypse. However, the world is one, so our dragon dice are to reconcile and not divide. Thanks to that we could design universal dragon dice, dedicated to all these majestic creatures. After reading the whole canon of the “Dragonology”, you can see clearly: dragons are wise creatures that can be good, bad or neutral like people and characters in an RPG. Our sets could not be made of any other raw material than the one obtained from the lands marked on the ancient maps as HIC SUNT DRACONES. We will not tell you where we got such great material, but thanks to it, our engraved dice will last for years. Like dragon scales, they will also be beautiful and amaze for a long time. It should also be mentioned that the dragons dice have been produced almost since the very beginning of Q WORKSHOP history and today the latest series have no equal on the market. We have perfected them for years and we plan to further modernise the technology so that there will never be any better dice—These are truly worthy of being called dragon treasure.

A feast of dragon colours

We designed many sets, each of which is a different aspect of dragon personality and nature. The more we know about dragons, the easier it is for us to produce next dice. Every technological breakthrough in our factory results give us chance to make better dragons dice. At the earliest sets, we learned how to create dice with unlimited durability and capable of the thousands of lucky throws. The latest editions are even more refined and readable than ever before. It's our tribute to the dragons that we believe bring luck.

Our latest available colour for dragon dice is bottle green. This is our first dragon dice set, which, although dark, are full of green flushes, like a semiprecious stone, for example malachite. This set is our top achievement and for this, we have painted it gold. These are royal dice, for the noblest of dragons and people with dragon hearts. The majesty of them is overfloving and waiting for someone to awaken the dragon's enchanted power.


Barcode # QWSSDRA98
Brand Q Workshop

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