Into the Coliseum with you!

Whenever a gladiator would fall in the arena, the bloodthirsty crowds would shout, "Habet, Hoc Habet!", which translates as, "He's down! He's had it!"

Now you can relive those days of personal glory as you recreate the battles between the original sports superstars - The Gladiators!

Our rules, "Habet, Hoc Habet!" (or HHH! for short) allow you to recreate fast, action-packed arena combat! The HHH! rules include:

  • Rules for combat with all the weapons used by the actual gladiators, including the trident, spear, sword, net, lasso, and many more!
  • Realistic combat rules utilizing a unique initiative system, allowing for quick and disturbingly realistic action!
  • Rules for chariot races and combat!
  • Rules for recreating the venatio - the beast hunts held for the delight of the crowds!
  • Gambling on the gladiatorial events!
  • Campaign rules that place you at the head of a ludus, or gladiatorial school, seeking fame and fortune through the efforts of your gladiators!
  • Lots of photos, examples and illustrations to help you get learn the rules and get started quickly!
  • And, as a bonus: Fantasy Gladiator Combat rules!

Hoist your gladius and don your armor for it is time to enter the arena. For Glory and Rome!

Rules Synopsis

Here is a quick run down of how HHH! is played.

Before actually entering the arena, you must first "build" your gladiator. To do this you purchase a slave of either Pathetic, Poor, Average or Exceptional Quality. Then, you pay your denarii, and roll on the Slave Quirks Chart, which determines whether or not your slave has an previously unknown defects or talents. Then you determine how many Character Points the slave has, and you use them to purchase Stats and Skills. Once you are done, your slave graduates to gladiator and is ready to enter the arena! The entire creation process takes maybe five minutes for an inexperienced player, and can be done in about a minute for someone familiar with the rules.

Once in the arena, a gladiator is dealt a number of Action Cards, the number of which is determined by his experience level. There are four experience levels in HHH!: Novice, Fighter, Warrior, and Champion. The Action Cards determine in which order the gladiators may act, and, although an experienced gladiator will normally get more actions than an inexperienced one, it is possible through good fortune for a gladiator to get an extra action or two, and, because the Action Cards are kept secret until played, you are never sure when your opponent will be acting next! Also, to add yet another unforeseeable factor to the game, there are both Crit and Fumble Charts.

Combat is conducted with d10, with the attacker rolling to hit and the defender rolling to block (if he has a shield or weapon) or dodge (if he is unprotected or being attacked in the back). There are 8 hit locations, including both arms, both legs, the abdomen, chest, neck and head. Armor can be a big factor, but so can mobility if a player bothers to take advantage of it!

Combat is either "To Victory", "To Defeat", or "To The Death". The first level, To Victory, continues until one gladiator yields or is otherwise defeated, and there is no danger of him being put to death for failure. At the second level, To Defeat, the players battle until one yields or is otherwise defeated, and there is a chance that either the Editor will have him put to death for a poor performance. The last level, To The Death, is, of course, to the death. As in ancient Rome, these last types of events are reserved for special occasions and are not everyday events.

After a battle, surviving gladiators have a chance to gain experience and popularity. More experience means higher stats and skills, while increased popularity means more fame and possible even more money!

The campaign rules expand on the basic rules, but here, you focus on being the owner (or Lanista) of a gladiatorial school, or Ludus. You start with 30 denarii, and with this you purchase and train slaves to become gladiators, as well as maintain your school. Then, you send them into the arena to fight and earn fame and fortune for you in your attempt to become the richest, most beloved Lanista in all of the Roman Empire!

The campaign rules are deep and richly textured, covering all facets of the Lanista's existence in ancient Rome. You can buy, sell and trade gladiators with other Lanista, bet on events, and watch your fortunes rise and fall as your gladiators perform in the arena. A typical campaign lasts until one player has earned 100 denarii and 100 Reputation, and this campaign can usually be played over the course of three or four evenings. In spite of its depth, the campaign rules allow you to recreate three or four months of game time in a single evening, with lots of action and plenty of chances to gain wealth!

Besides standard gladiatorial events, HHH! includes rules for the beast hunt, or Venatio, in which you may pit your gladiators against wild beasts captured to entertain the bloodthirsty crowds. And you are not limited to the sands of the arena, for you may also compete in the Circus, because rules for chariot races, and chariot combat, are included as well!

Finally, for those of you with an even greater imagination, HHH! includes rules for fantasy gladiator combat. You can pit an Ork against a Lizardman, or a Halfling against a Giant, or any other twisted combination your heart desires! The fantasy rules include 25 magic spells, and rules for magic items and summoned monsters.


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