In the future. . .

infantry, tanks and even air support are considered obsolete tools, relegated to garrison duty or used by backwater governments without the financial resources to do otherwise.

Those with money can afford the real power. First seen in 2750, the Omega Suit is the culmination of mankind's technological achievement in warfare. Imagine a personal battle suit, standing approximately 7' tall, with the equivalent fire power of an armored division. Add to it heavy armor, personal defense fields, and an array of other defensive and support systems, and you have the Omega Suit.

The men assigned to use the Omega Suit must be trained from an early age so that they can fully realize the suit's potential. Genetically enhanced or superior people are selected for the training academy, where they spend 10 years before being assigned to a battle group. These Omega Warriors are the very best that humanity has to offer.

Each Omega Suit is a unique creation, customized to fit the personal needs of the Omega Warrior and the mission he is trying to accomplish. There are over 100 different weapon, defensive and support systems, resulting in no two Omega Suits being alike.

Now, in the year 3000 AD, forces throughout the galaxy engage in a war of expansion, each trying to grab planets for their rapidly growing populations. The two main forces are the United Democratic Planets (the UDP), and the Republic of Soviet Socialist Planets (the RSSP). Joining the fray are countless self-proclaimed barons, kings and emperors who attempt to grab what they can in the confusion of the Galaxy Wide War

What's This Game About?

Omega Warrior is a sci-fi miniatures game for two or more players, designed to "recreate" small scale engagements in the future. The focus of the game are the Omega Warriors, individuals wearing powerful, custom battlesuits that increase their chances of survival and equip them with heavy firepower.

Some of the best features of Omega Warrior are:

  • It can be played with as few as two players, but it is also easily and quickly played by a group, making it great for conventions, game clubs, or for those "beer and pretzel" get togethers!
  • You can play with as few as two miniature figures! There is no need to go out and buy new armies just to play Omega Warrior.
  • And, you can use any figures you like to play. The two example battles linked below, use a variety of figures.
  • Omega Warrior plays with any scale figure.
  • The rule book is a complete system. There are no army books or supplements to purchase. The rules include army lists, design systems, rules for infantry, robots, AI's, vehicles, and the Omega Warriors themselves. Also included is a campaign system, and an experience system so that your surviving Omega Warriors can advance from game to game!


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Brand Wargamers Paradise
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Format Spiralbound

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