Contains 36 cards to enhance your force, field iconic warriors and cutomise your units.

Desert Rats Command Cards provide Flames Of War generals with a way to further personalise and enhance their forces.

These optional cards include a range of options that can enhance or change your gaming experience by adding new Formations, Upgrades and Warriors, giving you even more choice when building your force.

Many Command cards are hidden until they are used, so you’re never quite sure what your opponent’s battle plans are until they are revealed. While hidden, Command cards do not affect their attached unit—a player must reveal them if they wish to gain the benefits of the card. Some Command cards must be revealed at the start of the game; these cards are used to build your army and have the keyword 'Build'.

Command cards can be added to your force in two ways. You can add them to your normal point cost, just as you would add a Unit to your force, or you and your opponent can agree on a set amount of points that each may use just to add Command cards to their lists.

The Desert Rats Command Card List

  • Pip Roberts - Warrior
  • John Currie - Warrior
  • Sticky Bombs - Unit
  • Planned Raid - Force
  • Tenacity - Formation
  • Artillery Expert - Force
  • For King and Country - Formation
  • SAS Raid - Force
  • LRDG Raid - Force
  • Portees - Build, Unit
  • Indian Motor Company - Build, Formation
  • Guards Motor Company - Build, Formation
  • Scout Tanks - Build, Force
  • Humber Armoured Car Squadron - Build, Formation
  • Australian Divisional Cavalry - Build, Formation
  • New Zealand Divisional Cavalry - Build, Formation
  • They Don't Like It Up 'Em - Formation
  • Lucky - Formation
  • Soft Skin Transport - Build, Unit
  • Charmed Life - Formation
  • Cut Them Down - Formation
  • Captured Tank - Formation
  • Fortify The Building - Formation
  • Dead Eye - Unit
  • Marksman - Formation
  • Hidden In Plain Sight - Formation
  • Diversionary Tactics - Force
  • Roll Over Them - Unit
  • Dummy Minefield - Force
  • Ferocious Valour - Formation
  • Cavalry Commander - Unit
  • Broadside - Formation
  • Short Halts - Formation
  • Sweet Shooting - Formation
  • Teamwork - Formation
  • Semi-Indirect Fire - Formation


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