Fusiliers Platoon (FR702)
with one Command Rifle Team, one VB team & six Rifle/MG teams.

The section de fusiliers-voltigeurs (fusiliers-voltigeurs platoon) is another example of the French infantry’s perfect organisation for trench warfare.

The platoon has a small group of rifle grenadiers with the Tromblon VB grenade launcher in the platoon headquarters to knock out machine-gun nests, and three groupes (sections) of fusiliers-voltigeurs.

The demi groupe de fusiliers (shooters half-section) is the base of fire, delivering a fusillade of shots from their MAS modèle 1936 bolt-action rifles and the squad’s Châtellarault FM modèle 1924/29 light machine-gun. Under the cover of this fire, the demi groupe de voltigeurs (manoeuvre half-section) vaults out of the trenches and sprints across No Man’s Land to assault the enemy trenches.

Most reserve divisions retained the old Berthier modèle 1916 rifle and some even had the old Chauchat FM modèle 1915 light machine-gun, but all had the excellent Tromblon VB grenade launcher.

Designed by Evan Allen & Anton Ducrot
Painted by James Brown & Jeremy Painter


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Barcode # 9420020201231

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