Academy Games' upcoming game trilogy on the Battle of Gettysburg, in July of 1863, will be the definitive boardgame treatment of the Civil War's most pivotal battle.

"A Bloody Crossroads" will cover all the fighting of the 1st Day of Gettysburg, July 1, both as one monster game and as a series of twenty different scenarios of varying length and complexity that look at all the situations that did happen and those that could have happened with all the units that were there or could have been there. Some of the intriguing "what ifs" would include a night attack by the Confederates against Cemetery or Culp's Hill, an earlier arrival of the Union XII Corps, or the availability of Confederate cavalry.

"Union in the Balance" will cover all the fighting of the 2nd day of Gettysburg, July 1, both as one monster game and as a series of individual battle sets exploring all the actions that did occur on the 2nd day, July 2, 1863 along with the many "what ifs" that have been debated by historian ever since -- such as had Sickles not advanced his III Corps, or if General Longstreet launched his attack earlier.

"High Tide" will cover all the fighting of the last actual day of battle, July 3 to include Picket's Charge and the great cavalry battle south of the Big Round Top. But, in addition, this game, the last of the trilogy, will look at the various Union options for an immediate counterattack following Picket's Charge along with the fighting that could have occurred the following day, July 4th as General Lee prepared his rear guard position prior to his retreat back to Virginia.

The Fight for the Colours series is a combination of Johnny Reb and Conflict of Heroes rules. Counters represent infantry and cavalry regiments and artillery batteries, which are controlled at the brigade level. The leadership abilities of key division and corps commanders are integrated with a simple card system. Play is simultaneous or constantly alternates between players every few seconds. Regimental and battery capabilities, morale and previous losses are not known to opponents until they have a "run in" with them.
In the tradition of Academy Games, extensive charts are not necessary to play. Thoroughly researched brigade cards give incredible detail and information for every formation present at the battle. The game is both a boardgame system and a miniature gaming system that can be used with any existing miniature figure mounting system.



  • 4 large 15.5" x 20.5" mounted and highly detailed 3-D maps make up the northern half of the battlefield, including the town of Gettysburg, Culps hill, Evergreen Cemetary, Seminary Ridge, and much more
  • Battallion Track Sheets for all units involved in the battle
  • Hundreds of thick 1.125" x .875" die cut regimental counters
  • scenarios for solo play, fast two player games and large engagements that encompase the entire battlefield.


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