"I come as I am bidden, my lady," came the laconic response as the famed swordsman strode confidently into the courtyard. "And now Marquis, I demand you release Yvette, her father, and her sister."
"Don Armando!" replied the Marquis, half in amazement and half in fear, "but you are --"
"Dead? No, my dear Marquis, it will take more than rope and fire to bring about my end," said Don Armando, giving his moustache a wry twirl.
"Rope and fire may not kill you," said the Marquis, "But cold steel and sinew will." He pointed his stiletto at Don Armando and bellowed to his men: "Have at him!"

Gloire is a new and complete adventure miniatures game based on the proven mechanics of the .45 Adventures pulp-style rules.

Gloire is swashbuckling adventure, like the stories of the Three Musketeers, Dr. Syn and the Scarecrow, and Scaramouche. Players can control master swordsmen, nobles of the court, highwaymen, military heroes, spies... in all more than two dozen character profiles are included in the rules.

The game takes care to capture the elegant artistry of the swordfight, while retaining fast play that keeps players involved. But the game is more than combat! The emphasis on scenarios and encounters found in .45 Adventure is retained in Gloire, making games stories of their own rather than mere brawls. Special rules for dueling provide players with an opportunity to satisfy their honor with worthy foes during the course of a game.

The Gloire scenario The Waylaid Messenger won a coveted Battle Streamer at Historicon 2006, and is included in the rulebook, along with two other scenarios designed to get players involved in the game right away.

This book contains all the rules necessary to play, customize heroes and villains, and create scenarios. Plus there are four sample scenarios to help you get started.

Softcover, 100 pages


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Barcode # 9780978924126

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