Set in a rich and detailed fantasy universe named Calydorn, GODSLAYER is a fast and tactically challenging tabletop skirmish game played with highly detailed metal miniatures. The game is designed for two or more players and offers a totally new gaming experience with many aspects never before seen.

In the world of Calydorn it is common for charismatic or brawny leaders to attract loyal troops, heroic individuals, and terrifying creatures to their cause - be it noble or nefarious. As a skirmish game GODSLAYER allows players to field a group of warriors in combat engagements. These so called warbands represent hunting parties, scouting forces, raiders or simply bands of adventurers, mercenaries, or bandits, etc.

The game places you in the role of a warlord, allowing you to create your own individual warband based on a versatile system of model and item selection.

Great care was taken to ensure that the rules system offers a new level of realistic miniature behavior. A unique system of action and resource management allows fast and logical game-play, while retaining core rules which are simple and memorable, allowing you to learn them rapidly.

To keep players continuously challenged, each model has been provided with individual rules that result in a vast multitude of devious and deadly combinations embedded within the system, providing a rich resource for developing new tactics to win upcoming battles.



  • 1x Rise of Legends Rulebook (Softcover)
    • Detailed rules expanding the Quick-Start rules, accompanied by dozens of helpful examples and diagrams.
    • Detailed descriptions of each model of every faction including their special rules and statistics
    • A chapter containing numerous fun scenarios and multiplayer rules
    • A section on painting and modelling GODSLAYER miniatures and terrain and advice on how to get the most from your hobby
  • 1x Rise of Legends Background Book (Softcover)
    • Introduction to the world of GODSLAYER and its geography
    • The illustrated mythology of the GODSLAYER world - the history of the last few centuries
    • A section detailing the six factions and their sub-factions who each represent an empire or culture of the GODSLAYER world.
    • A map of the world of GODSLAYER, and detailed maps of the central continent of Ghorn


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