The Great Battles of the Napoleonic Wars in miniature.

Napoleon never knew what a turn was, or which modifiers the enemy could use. Grande Armee is a completely new approach to grand-tactics.

  • No time scale: Games have variable numbers of turns, each turn with a variable length, and the total length of any game is unpredictable.
  • No figure scale: Any size figures will work, any number of figures can be mounted on the bases, and no re-basing is required if you already have a different system
  • Weather is a crucial factor in all your decisions, not an optional add-on at the end. What can you see? What is the condition of the ground? Can you really fight this battle the way you want to?
  • Variable Movement: You only know roughly how fast your units will move each turn. And once your units get in close with the enemy, they may not do as you please.
  • No Written Orders: Using the Command Point (CP) chits, you make decisions about the control of your forces. Those which aren't controlled may not behave as you wish.
  • No Morale Checks: The 'strength' of units waxes and wanes, based on your decisions, their morale, and forces beyond your control.
  • Army Morale and Pursuit: Conserve your cavalry for a pursuit or to cover your retreat. In most games there is 'no tomorrow', but in Grand Armee you have to make decisions about whether or not to risk committing your reserves. You might win the day, but the enemy gets away because of his cavalry screen, or the darkness, or bad weather or...
  • Four ready-to-play scenarios, complete with historical background and optional "what-ifs": Friedland, Aspern-Essling, Fuentes de Onoro, and Waterloo.
  • Do-it-Yourself scenario design instructions enable you to create Grande Armee battles from any historical order of battle or even other games


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