The first thing you should know about Granjeros is that it belongs to a new breed of games, the "B Games" family. B Games seek to teach values and principles about building a more fair and sustainable world, in a fun way. Some of these principles are: acknowledging a new meaning of success, promoting collaboration, environmental awareness and protection, and social development among others.


The game is a 4 to 5 player game where each player is a farmer who has come to a land full of opportunities to develop in a sustainable manner plots of land. Although each player is competing with other players to win the game, collaboration, trust and and holistic approach to growth are quintessential to progressing in the game. Thus players compete and collaborate with each other as well as become accountable as a group for the common resources that impact the whole system. The game ends when one or more players reach a total of 7 B points. Yes!, in a Granjeros game there can be one or more winning players simultaneously.

Granjeros is a turn based game fashioned under European style boardgames. That means that although one player holds his turn, other players play along actively while not in their turn. There is always something to do wether you it is your turn or not. The central hexagon is where the water well is located. The water well is a key element of Granjeros gameplay as it influences all players in every turn and will determine the conditions for harvesting and selling crops. Inside the water well you will find 7 water buckets.

Each turn has the following structure & steps:

a) Take a bucket of water out of the well (put it in front of you).
b) Throw the 8 harvest dice. Check for "pairs" of vegetable/fruits.
c) For every pair, reward each player the corresponding vegetable/fruits and number according the type of plot he has [orchard, barn, farm or industry].
d) Invest resources [land, technology, farmers, seed] to develop your plots either individually or in collaboration with other players.
e) Negotiate and dialogue with other players to plan for future developments.
Regardless that it is somebody else's turn all players are entitled to negotiate and dialogue at all times during the game.

Every time you evolve your plots, either individually or collaboratively, to higher level of development you will earn B points. First player(s) to reach 7 B points win the game!


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