A short time ago, in a galaxy not too far away, powerful alien races gave the six most inept species a choice - win or be destroyed. As one of these alien racers, you must use speed, tactics and luck to ensure the survival of your people! Of course, winning the Race is not as simple as it sounds. The greater your speed, the faster you travel, but the more difficult it becomes to avoid hazards such as the black holes, space amoebas and other dangers of space, not to mention that each ship is armed with missiles and other deadly weapons. But don’t worry... at the speed of light, no one can hear you scream.

The Great Space Race is a board game for 3-6 players (although it can be played with only 2 players, it's much more fun the more participants you have). The game consists of the track (over 6 square feet!), ships, full color counters, rulebook and three separate decks of cards (special events, maneuvers and equipment)!

Though large in size (many, many components), the game is quick to learn and play moves at a fast pace. A full 3-lap game can last 2-3 hours, but the number of laps can be varied to adjust the game length (with 1 lap typically an hour to complete).


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