HG Company HQ (GE801) with HQ section & 3 Panzerschreck teams

The first battalion arrived in Tunisia without its heavy weapons. It combined with the 5th Light Infantry Regiment formed from the 5. Fallschirmjagerregiment to fight as the Hermann Goring Division in Tunisia.

The Panzergrenadiers became an integral part of the division's fighting groups in Sicily. One regiment teamed with the assault gun battalion into Kampfgruppe Schmalz near Priolo. The second regiment with two battalions, an artillery battalion and 2. Kompanie, 504. schwere Panzerabteilung formed a second kampfgruppe that attacked the landings at Gela.

The Hermann Goring Fallschirm-panzergrenadiers became one of the premier blocking forces in many of the battlesfor the Italian peninsula. In September 1943, they fought delaying actions against the American forces at Salerno. They also saw action at the Volturno, Lignano, and Garigliano Rivers in October and November while incorporated into 1. Fallschirmjager Armee under Generaloberst Student.

With the Allied landing at Anzio the Panzergrenadiers took up the defensive line near Cisterna across from the US 3rd Infantry Division and the First Special Service Force. While preparing for Operation Fischfang in February 1944 they surrounded and decimated the US Ranger Battalion led by Colonel Darby. Withdrawn to refit after the failure of the counteroffensive, they were instrumental in the fight at Valmontone.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Matt Parkes


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