HeroQuest Game Rules in the Glorantha Setting

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes contains everything you need for a HeroQuest campaign set in the Kingdom of Sartar. At 378 pages, it is a huge setting and scenario pack that enables you and your players to have countless hours of roleplaying fun:

  • How to create Sartarite characters and clans using the HeroQuest rules
  • Expanded rules for Rune Magic in HeroQuest
  • The magic and religion of the Sartarites (including complete writeups of the cults of Orlanth, Ernalda, Humakt, Chalana Arroy, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy, Elmal, Urox and Yinkin)
  • A guide to Sartarite myths and the powerful magical adventures called heroquesting
  • Background information about the Kingdom of Sartar and its peoples
  • An epic campaign arc that will put your characters in the middle of the magical wars that will determine the fate of the Kingdom of Sartar.

With more than 20 maps and some 150 illustrations, this book brings the Kingdom of Sartar to life for game masters, players and Gloranthaphiles in ways never before seen.

The sacred Flame of Sartar may have been extinguished by the all-conquering Lunar Empire, but the tribes of Sartar still burn to be free! From Boldhome to the Starfire Ridges and the edges of Prax, Sartar is destined to be the central backdrop in the Hero Wars that shall end the Third Age of Glorantha. It is a mountainous kingdom filled with storm-worshiping tribes, who must contend with dragons, werewolves, trolls, undead, and now the people suffer under the tyranny of the Red Moon. In every hill fort, village, and tribe, there are prophesies of a new liberator who shall start the Hero Wars and free Sartar—the Argrath. Is it your destiny to be this Argrath and relight the Flame of Sartar?

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes is the definitive guide to the classic setting of Dragon Pass, previously explored in such games as the award-winning computer game King of Dragon Pass, the classic fantasy wargame Dragon Pass. It contains everything you need for a HeroQuest campaign set amongst the storm-worshipping tribes of Dragon Pass, as well as an epic campaign arc for your heroes.

Authors: Jeff Richard and Greg Stafford.


Barcode # 9780857441041
Format Softcover

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