After custom-creating the world’s most devilish racetrack using the puzzle-piece fittings and dozens of different track sections, the race begins!

Each racer has his own team and his own custom 20-card deck filled with unique cards that will speed his Hot Rod around the track. Your deck is also your Gas Tank. If you run out of cards, you run out of gas!

In order to move your Hot Rod, just play cards. The cards have Move values on them, typically between 1 and 5.

On your turn, you perform one of these four actions:

  1. Play a card from your hand and move your Hot Rod according to the move value on the card. This gives you great control over how fast you take Corners and whether you make it to a Pit Stop or not, as you are choosing how far to move by choosing the card to play.
  2. Play the top card of your Tank and move your Hot Rod according to the move value on the card. This option is for those who like to throw caution to the wind and leave things up to chance. It’s also the only way to move when you don’t have any cards in your hand.
  3. Play the top card of the Nitro deck and move your Hot Rod according to the move value on the card. Again, you won’t know what you’re getting until you play it, but at least you know you’ll be going FAST! These cards range in move value from 6 to 9, but there are often consequences. You might lose an Upgrade or blow an engine.
  4. Draw FOUR cards. Drawing cards off your Tank and into your hand lets you set up all sorts of great maneuvers for future turns.

When your Gas Tank is getting low, you’ll want to land on a Pit Stop space to either Gas Up (shuffle your discard pile into your Tank) or draw an Upgrade card. The Upgrades allow you to customize your Hot Rod with Weapons, Engines, Wheels, and Pit Crews that will give you some great advantages over your opponents.


The first player to cross the finish line wins!



  • Build your own track! Dangerous Curves, Pit Stops, and Hazards are but a few of the dozens of track pieces that allow you to create the track of your dreams . . . or nightmares!
  • Each car has its own deck and its own unique strategy. There are six teams to choose from: Epic Battle Wizards, The Underworld, Monsters, Aliens, Food Fight, and Rockabilly.
  • Players also have access to the powerful, but often dangerous, Nitro Deck. Blaze a trail to the front of the pack, but watch out—you might get burned!
  • Customize your Hot Rod with Upgrades including Engines, Wheels, Pit Crews, and Weapons. Blast your opponents as you blow by them!
  • Easy to learn.



  • 188 Game Cards
  • Over 40 Track Sections
  • 6 Hot Rod Cars
  • 1 Sheet of Stickers
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 6 Games per Case


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Barcode # 815442013637

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