Three 3 exhausted Imperial Japanese divisions are nearing the end of their supply lines and must make one final effort for the emperor. Facing off against them are the British Empire's battered army desperately holding out on Singapore Island .... the "Gibraltar of the Far East".

Historically it was the worst defeat of British arms in WW2 and a tragedy for the soldiers from across the Commonwealth fighting there.

Note: this game is not another Malayan campaign game with Singapore represented by a couple of hexes at one end. Singapore island is almost the entire map



  • 22x34 inch large hexgrid map Singapore island and the Japanese starting areas across the straights.
  • 308 single sided counters on a sticker sheet showing the forces controlled by each player and markers.
  • One 8 page rulebook
  • 3 single sided charts and tables sheets


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Barcode # 1841

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