L3/35 (IT001)

The L3/35 tankette was a tiny armoured vehicle that was obsolete by the outbreak of the war. Unfortunately they made up the majority of the armour available to Italians in 1940.

However, a number of field modifications were made to improve its effectiveness. Some were fitted with 20mm Solothurn anti-tank rifles to give it an anti-tank capability, while others were fitted with an externally mounted 45mm Brixia light mortar to increase its firepower against enemy defences.

Like any machine-gun carrier, if it targets infantry caught in the open it will cause high casualties, especially compounded by its twin machine-guns. Some L3/35 tankettes were fitted with flame-throwers and were ideal for clearing out enemy trenches.

The L3/35 in Flames Of War

Name Mobility
Equipment and Notes
Weapon Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower  
L3/35 Half-tracked 0 0
1 Twin hull MG.



  • Four L3/35 tankettes with Lanciafiamme, Solothurn and Brixia options.


Designed by Evan Allan
Painted by Bob Pearce


SKU 18596
Barcode # 649

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