KerFlip is a fast-action anagramming game. Each round, players race each other to construct the highest-scoring word they can find from a pool of common tiles. Players can only shout one word each per round. Once all players have shouted a word, they are scored in the order they shouted. Tiles are worth more the first time they're used, after which, they are flipped. The same letter is on the opposite side, but the side is a different color to designate the tile has been used. So, once the first player uses tiles, she flips them. Then, the second player scores, but any tiles used by the first player are now worth half their original value. Players continue scoring and flipping until all players have been scored in the round.

Some tiles have a number on them, which confers that number of bonus cards to the first player that uses them. Bonus cards have point values (0-20) which are added to the players' scores at the end of the game.

At the end of each round, players recycle any unused tiles back to the draw pouch and sweep all used tiles off the board into the collection chutes where, at the end of the game, they will funnel into a cup under the board for easy collection.


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