The dark, dirty, cheap future

“Humans have craved blood since the dawn of time.” – Aaron Voss, on Ultra-Violence

In just a few short years, Kill Ball has gone from a really messed up barn sport to a violent clone bloodfest played in as many as 6 cities at once.  (Actually 3 cities at once since they travel to play each other.)

But now Kill Ball is poised to take the next step.  That’s where you come in.


Welcome to the Arena

Kill Ball is a 2 player futuresport board game that takes place in grungy arenas across a series of small American towns and Argentina.  Each player controls a team of 4 vat-grown clones whose existence has 2 purposes; get the Kill Ball into the other team’s goal and maim/kill as many opposing clones as possible.

Death is not the end in Kill Ball though.  Killed clones are regrown onsite and shot back into the arena at extremely high speeds with only marginally reduced abilities.  And if a clone of yours should be killed several times in a row, you can just grow a new one from scratch between games.


Step to the head of the class

The goal receptors in a Kill Ball arena are substandard crap. They cannot, for instance, tell the difference between the Kill Ball and a severed head.  Consequently, you can score with severed heads.

In fact, the decapitated clone can be regrown, pick up their old head, and score with it.  Or use it to bludgeon the player who decapitated them.  Be Creative.
It’s a team game until you’re useless to us

Create and maintain your own Kill Ball team using any 4 of the 36 clones templates included with the game.  The templates are name and appearance only; you design your team to your specifications.

There are 20 perks available to Kill Ball players that grant crazy abilities like running up walls or punching someone in the face so hard that their head flies off three turns after the fact.

Rules are included for those brave enough to form Kill Ball leagues.  Clones will wear and become useless with time, but there are always fresh clones ready to take their place.


Kill Ball is more than just a board game

Kill Ball is a brave look into the coming world of gladiatorial clone sports, only without the sticky ethical ramifications.  Enjoy!



This set includes 2 complete pewter figure teams for Kill Ball. Teams in Kill Ball have 4 players each so the package comes with 8 figures. This pack also includes a head sprue for decapitated heads (6 heads on the sprue).


Warning: Game includes description of intense violence and adult sexual commentary in the background material.


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