About The Cover
This month’s cover is by the Fraim Brothers and is a tribute to legendary artist Frank Frazetta’s “The Death Dealer” that graced the 1978 eponymous debut album from southern rockers Molly Hatchet. If you were a teenager anywhere near this time, you have to remember this totally awesome piece hanging in your local head shop record store.


The Strips

  • Easy Rider
    Bob prepares for a ride with the boys
  • Strange Landing
    The Knights find out they’re not where they thought they were
  • Blow Back
    B.A. explains to Brian how his plans went awry
  • Section 5
    B.A. tries to make a purchase using his HMA card
  • The Guy Code
    B.A. runs into resistance after offering Patty a peace offering
  • Course Change
    Crutch’s group is set to try a new strategy
  • Into the Meat Locker
    Crutch’s group’s plans go horribly awry
  • Drive Bye-the-Bye
    Things get bloodier in Crutch’s game
  • Dyin’ Dumb in Bay City
    Dave poses for a mug shot
  • Art of the Deal
    Dave pulls a fast one on Brian
  • One-Two Punches

Special Features

  • Pranking Your Players: Humorous tricks GMs use to keep things light at the table
  • Rustlers of the Night: Cockroach Men

GameMaster's Workshop

  • Aldrazar Rogues Gallery: Jark W. Harkmullins Jeers VII, Pars’Luvan
  • All Things Magic: Mundane Magic Items
  • Bait and Tackle: Adventure Hooks on the Fly
  • El Ravager’s Rules of Engagement additional Knock Back rules for HackMaster

Regular Columns

  • Gaming the Movies: Boondock Saints by James Davenport
  • Tales from the Table: Actual tales from our readers
  • Web Scryer: Index of Indexes by Kenneth Newquist


  • Lost Game Safari: Tabloid by Andy Miller
  • The “Indy” Game Scene: Spears of the Dawn explored by Ashok Desai
  • Off the Shelf: Sanctuary by Paul Westermeyer
  • Brian's Picks: Marvin the Mage, Atomic-Age Cthulhu, Magic World


  • Cries from the Attic: Editorial of a Madman "The Dawgs of War and the Swords of Terror"
  • Table Talk: Our Readers Talk Back
  • Weird Pete's Bulletin Board
  • Back Room at the Games Pit
  • Parting Shots

Other Toons

  • Unnamed cartoons by Indy Bill • Jolly Blackburn • Santiago Torres Fernandez


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