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James Burton’s father accidentally started him on drawing when he was 4 years old and  hefound comics under the Christmas tree and ignored the baseball mitt and football. In between life, gaming, and the day job he chips away at a comics career. He has done storyboards, editorial illustrations and comic anthologies.
You can find more of James’ illustrations and work at Angrybrainartworks.com.


The Strips

  • Rollin' On In
    A couple of Crutch's buddies show up at Hawg's
  • A Few Concerns
    Eddie warns Crutch that his GM review is coming up
  • Piss and Vinegar
    The Black Hands bring back some strange treasure
  • Trippin'
    Crutch and his friends discuss their next motorcycle ride
  • You Want No Part of That
    Bob's nephew, plus a few regulars, show up at the Games' Pit
  • Temp or No Temp
    A temp has been hired to replace Dave for the next session, but the gang has no idea who is coming
  • Clash of the Terrible Swords (article)
    A recap of the Meat Grinder Rock Saga
  • One-Two Punches

Special Features

  • Government Got Game - by Derek Kagemann
    Game Master’s Workshop information uncovering fantastic government online resources to help any game master.
  • Board Squawk - by Noah Chinn
    Game review of The Hobbit Official Movie Board Game
  • Gaming the Movies - by James Davenport
    Incorporating the Mad Max trilogy of films into your RPG campaign

Regular Columns

  • Gamers Pulpit Ungrateful Munchkins by Michael Reitz
  • Tales from the Table
  • Web Scryer: Nine Worlds of Numenera by Ken Newquist

GameMaster's Workshop

  • Aldrazar Rogue’s Gallery Moss & Kar’Shun by Jolly & Barb Blackburn
  • All Things Magic Vengar’s Charm by Barb Blackburn
  • Deadly Trappings Lock of Dismemberment by J.L. Duncan
  • Bait and Tackle Adventure hooks on the fly


  • Lost Game Safari: Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn by Andy Miller
  • The “Indy” Game Scene: Fate Core explored by Ashok Desai
  • Off the Shelf: Jasper Fforde — The Unfilmable... by Noah Chinn
  • Brian's Picks: Clubs Card Game, Dogs Night Out Poker School, Wheel of Evil


  • Cries from the Attic: Editorial of a Madman "Character Stories"
  • Table Talk: Our Readers Talk Back
  • Weird Pete's Bulletin Board
  • Back Room at the Games Pit
  • Parting Shots

Other Toons

  • SnarfQuest by Larry Elmore
  • Unnamed cartoons by Noah Chinn • Paul Shiner • Jerry Duginski • Paul Shiner • Jim Wampler • Kurt Wilcken


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