In 1934, Laffly developed an armoured car in for use in the French Colonies or TOE (Théâtre d'Opération pour Exterior). The design was based on the Laffly S15 artillery tractor; armour plate up to 7mm thick was mounted on the body, covering the engine and driver compartment. The rear of the vehicle was made up of a truck bed which could be used to transport either men or equipment.

The top of the vehicle housed a spherical-shaped turret which mounted the vehicle's main armament. The armoured superstructure featured a number of hinged observation ports that provide the crew with a limited view of the battlefield and which,  also acted as ad-hoc pistol ports in case the vehicle and its crew got itself into a really sticky situation.

However, by 1942 the Laffly S15TOE's best days were behind it and it was replaced by the British Marmon Herrington armoured car.


The Laffly S15TOE in Flames Of War

Name Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes
Weapon Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower  
Laffly S15TOE Wheeled 0 0 0 Co-ax MG.
37mm SA-18 gun 16"/40cm 3 4 4+ One-man turret.



  • two Laffly S15TOE combat cars

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Mike Haught


SKU 19055
Barcode # 1833

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