Light Sensha Platoon (JBX03)


The Japanese military development of the Type 95 Ha-Go light tank was purely out of necessity. The medium Type 89 Chi-Ro tank suffered from an inability to keep pace on the battlefield with the fast moving infantry mounted in trucks that could reach speeds up to 40 km/h.

The Type 95 Ha-Go was lighter and faster than the Type 89 Chi-Ro and was armed with a Type 94 37mm gun, as well as turret and hull machine-gun. It first entered service in 1935 and proved more than capable of holding its own against other light tank designs of the period.

The first major Japanese attack at Nomonhan on 2 July 1939 was a major success for the Type 95 Ha-Go light tanks of the 4th Tank Regiment. They avoided Soviet artillery barrages before striking the Soviet line under the cover of darkness and using the illumination of a thunderstorm to spot the enemy positions. They were not noticed by the Soviets until they were very close. They weathered a storm of fire from guns, tanks, and infantry. The tanks attacked and pushed over 1000 metres through the Red Army lines, knocking out twelve artillery guns. The attack only cost the 4th Tank Regiment one Type95 Ha-Go light lank, two crewmen killed, and eight crewmen wounded.


The Type 95 Ha-Go in Flames Of War
Name Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes
Weapon Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower  
Type 95 Ha-Ro Standard Tank 1 1 1 Japanese Turret MG, Hull MG.
Type 94 37mm gun 24"/60cm 2 5 4+ One-man turret.



  • five Type 95 Ha-Go Light tanks
  • five Tank Commander figures


Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown


SKU 23679
Barcode # 2714

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