Lock ‘n Load Forgotten Heroes 2nd Edition returns the aboriginal Lock ‘n Load series game to print. The art has been completely updated. Each counter has been redrawn, every map created anew, and Skill Cards, scenarios, charts, and rules laid out with painstaking care. In fact, all the 2nd edition has in common with the original is the Lock ‘n Load series rules and the scenarios… and we’ve even added two more scenarios for those who pre-order.

Lock ‘n Load: Forgotten Heroes 2nd Edition simulates combat in Vietnam with the immediacy of squad-level combat. Counters represent squads, leaders, medic, chaplains, machine guns tanks, and much more. Turns cover 30 seconds to two or three minutes, and the interactive impulse system keeps both players involved in the game.

This is for complete, boxed game. With die cut counters, mounted maps, rule book, and everything else… all stuffed in an attractive box.



  • River of Perfume
    In which U.S. Marines engage the Viet Cong in intense house-to-house fighting in the town of Hue, south of the Perfume River, on February 6, 1968.
  • A Friend in Need
    U.S. Army units move into the A Shau Valley, in May of 1969, during the opening moves of the battle that will culminate in Hamburger Hill. Two platoons advance on a small village suspected of harboring a Viet Cong contingent. The VC and the Americans know each other are in the area, but neither side expects a stand-up fight to occur.
  • Serious Firepower
    Sums up what it’s about with its title. In May of 1968 the Marines spent three bloody days clearing the villages of Dai Do and Dinh To. The fighting was tough, and armor support was called on for the attack on Dai Do. The Marines had a lot of firepower, but so did the NVA forces holding the village.
  • Undeniable Courage
    Depicts combat that occurred to the east of the Chu Pong Massif on November 14, 1965, between elements of the U.S. Army’s Bravo Company of the 1/7 Cavalry and elements of the NVA’s 320th Infantry Regiment. Shortly after they landed at Landing Zone X-ray, the Americans became heavily engaged by NVA infantry. The company commander, Lt. Herren, ordered Lt. Herrick’s platoon to move up on the company’s right flank. Herrick’s platoon, in pursuit of an NVA squad, overshot the company and became isolated by advancing NVA troops. A big-time firefight was on.
  • And 9 More
    Nine other action-packed scenarios, all updated to comply with the V3 rules.



  • Five lush, HALOLESS, MOUNTED geomorphic maps. Redrawn and brought up to current LnLP standards.
  • 340+ beautiful counters, (that's over fifty more counters than the original game) counters, representing the men and equipment of the U.S. Army and Marines, NVA, Viet Cong, and the ARVN.
  • 16 Skill Cards, providing Leaders and Heroes with special abilities.
  • The 13 original scenarios
  • Lock 'n Load V3 RULES and Player's aid chart. Keep up with the latest changes in the Lock 'n Load game system.


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