In Locomotive Works, players are railroad pioneers developing & selling better engines trying to stay relevant in the marketplace.


Locomotive Works, by Dieter Danziger, is a game in which 3 to 5 players become railroad pioneers: developing better locomotives, producing them for sale, and trying to stay relevant in the marketplace in order to make the most profit. The game features 14 important locomotives from Germany railway history.


Game Play

Each round of the game consists of these five phases:

  • Locomotive Development
    Each player may invest in one - and only one -       new locomotive development.  They also receive one production unit counter with this investment.
  • Production Capacity
    Players may - if they want to and can afford it - increase and/or upgrade their production capabilities by purchasing more production unit counters, or by upgrading their existing production counters to better locomotives.
  • Locomotive Production
    Each player may - if they want to and if there’s market demand - sell their locomotives. Selling is done in player order, and this is important because players can only fulfill ONE order per locomotive.  That is to say, fulfill orders on one die per turn.  This action, though, keeps going around the table until all players have passed, so you might get a chance to sell a second time at the same market if there’s still demand when it comes back around to you.
  • Pay Taxes
    Players pay taxes equal to 10 percent of their cash on hand, rounded in their favor.  After taxes are paid, a new player order is established for the next round: the player with the least cash-on-hand goes first, second least goes next, etc... up to the player with the most money going last.
  • Determine Market Demands
    The demand for locomotives is adjusted.  Players need to keep in mind that as newer models of locomotive types are introduced, the older models of these types can lose value, and eventually become obsolete... and removed from the market.

The game ends when any player, after paying taxes, has at least 300 Thalers.  At that point, whoever has the most money, wins.

It’s as simple as that! You just need to keep increasing production so that you can fill orders to make money so that you’re able to stay ahead of technological obsolescence, while making sure you don’t get squeezed out of the markets by your fellow players.


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