More often than you’d think, the brave artillerymen find themselves under fire from German tanks and infantry as they engage in a brutal point-blank fight. So dedicated are the artillerymen that they will see off the Germans or die beside their guns.

Isolated batteries of shattered divisions, and bypassed corps assets, such as the formidable M1A1 155mm ‘Long Tom’ guns fight on until they are out of ammunition. Even then the men spike their guns, pick up their rifles, and join the first US platoon they meet to do their part in the defence of the ‘bulge’.

Heavy Artillery packs a punch that normal guns cannot hope to compete with and is terrifying for those on the receiving end. The M1A1 ‘Long Tom’ hits even harder than most!


The M1A1 Long Tom in Flames Of War
Weapon Mobility Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower Notes
M1A1 Long Tom Immobile 24"/60cm 1 13 1+ Bunker Buster, Smoke.
Firing bombardments   104"/260cm - 5 2+ Smoke Bombardment



  • two M1A1 'Long Tom' 155mm howitzers with crew
  • one Command Carbine team
  • one Staff team
  • one Observer Carbine team
  • two Large bases
  • one Medium four-hole base
  • one Small three-hole base
  • one Small two-hole base


Gun designed by Tim Adcock
Figures designed by Seth Nash
Painted by Mark Hazell & Jeremy Painter


SKU 21414
Barcode # 9420020220942

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