M36 Tank Destroyer Platoon (UBX30)

As German tanks became harder to deal with, the tank destroyer arm decided to up-gun their M10s with the M3 90mm anti-aircraft gun. A larger turret was designed to hold the new weapon and a power motor installed to rotate it.

The US home front converted over 1300 M10A1 chassis (based on the M4A3 Sherman chassis) and designated the new vehicle as the M36 90mm GMC. The destroyer quickly took on the nickname Jackson among the troops.

The first M36s arrived in Europe in August 1944, but were not passed on to front line units until September where a few battalions were fully re-equipped, while others slowly replaced their M10s as needed.

The M36s came into their own during the Ardennes fighting where they were able to trade shots with the feared Panther tank from the front.



  • Four Resin M36 Tank Destroyers with crew and plastic parts sprue
  • Two Tank Stowage sprues
  • One Decal sheet
  • Eight Rare-earth magnets


Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Mark Hazell


SKU 19876
Barcode # 2126

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