Maps of Mastery: Poster Map #1 - Mass Transit: Heavy Courier Ship & Offworld Shipping Center


This high-quality, double-sided poster map features a complete starship on one side and a spaceport facility on the other! Designed by veteran cartographer Christopher West for use in any science fiction RPG or miniatures game, this folded poster is the premiere offering in his Maps of Mastery line.


The map measures 22 by 34 inches when unfolded, and features a 1-inch grid for play with most miniatures game systems. Various objects and structural elements printed in the maps feature fine colored lines to mark the boundaries of different kinds of terrain, like walls and obstacles; these are easily ignored if your game of choice doesn't need specific designations for terrain types, but useful if it does.


The front of the poster is designated the "Exodus-Class Heavy Courier," and was designed with RPG use in mind. Many different kinds of sci-fi adventures take place aboard starships or even involve the player characters as owners of their own transport - this ship fills both niches very well. It's a large freighter or transport ship outfitted with secret cargo holds for restricted goods and enough bunks and escape pods to support a good-sized number of passengers. The ship was built to ferry important cargo or VIPs across territorial boundaries and past enemy blockades.


The Offworld Shipping Center, on the back, includes a another complete (but smaller) courier ship in the upper-right-hand corner, parked in the docking bay of a spaceport-type location that includes a refueling station, big cargo bays, a command center with holographic display, and a workshop for the sci-fi train that uses this port as a loading facility. Multiple bridges and conveniently-positioned cargo cranes provide crossing-points for the recessed train channel.


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