In Ancient Egypt, Moses rose up against Pharaoh to free the Israelites and deliver them out of Egypt. Moses told Pharaoh "Let my People Go" but Pharaoh said "No, no no!" Moses warned Pharaoh that ten plagues would befall him if he did not comply. Finally after the tenth and final plague, Pharaoh ordered Moses to leave. In fear that Pharaoh would change his mind Moses had to gather his people and escape with great haste.

Help Moses free slaves and gather resources to make matzah for the long journey ahead while the ten plagues ravage the land making it all the more difficult and dangerous. Gather water before it turns into blood or swarms of frogs invade, save livestock before wild beasts devour them and even fight slave drivers to free fellow slaves. Great dangers are ahead but your people need you to save them and deliver them to freedom.

The game begins without an active Plague, but every time a player crosses the Reed Sea a new plague card is turned over that will have negative effects to all players until the next plague card is turned over. The effects vary from losing a certain resource, preventing the collection of a certain resource, losing freed slaves, or preventing trading.

Each player begins their turn with a spin of the dreidel. The dreidel takes the place of dice. Each spin determines movement which can be either backwards or forwards and the amount of resources collected on that turn. Desert Cards that are acquire in different ways during the game can be used at any time to affect movement, free slaves or block challenges.

As players collect resources like water and grain they can combine them to make matzah. Add an egg and players can double their matzah production. Lambs can be sacrificed during the plague effects to save other resources and freed slaves. There are other resources with special abilities as well. Resources can be traded out of the discard pile but at 3 to 1.

Two types of dreidel spin challenges allow players to gain resources from others or lose them as well as free more slaves. After the last plague has been cast, the next time a player crosses the Reed Sea the game is over. The player with the most freed slaves and matzah wins the game.



  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Game Pieces
  • 4 Deluxe Dreidels
  • 96 Freed Slave Cards
  • 72 Matzah Tokens
  • 90 Resource Cards
  • 30 Desert Action Cards
  • 10 Plague Cards
  • 1 Afikoman Chip


SKU 18645
Barcode # 022099020363

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