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Why does a good game have to fill a gigantic box and weigh 10 pounds? The Level 99 Games Minigame Library is a collection of games small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to enjoy over and over again with friends and family. Each game attempts to fill a different niche, and each provides a different play experience. This means that no matter what group you’re together with or what genre or style of game you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find pull out a game that provides 15-45 minutes of fun for a party of any size.

Minigames are easy enough to teach in 5-10 minutes, but provide hours of repeated play and excitement. In a minigame, we look for a product that is simple to learn, deep to master, and extensively replayable and enjoyable. We guarantee that your fellow gamers will be requesting to play these games over and over again.



NOIR is a deductive mystery card game that is primarily for two players, but can be played by  up to 4. It features four different games that accommodate different player counts and play styles:

  • Killer vs. Inspector
    The classic game of cat and mouse–but which is which? Will the Inspector manage to capture the killer before it’s too late, or will he end up on the ever-growing list of victims?
  • Master Thief vs. Chief Inspector
    A longer and more dangerous game than the original. Can the thief and his associates rob everyone in town before the police discover them?
  • Hitman
    A shorter and more cutthroat game than the original. The hitman is given a list of targets, which the inspector must do his utmost to protect before they are all eliminated.
  • Spy Tag
    A multiplayer game that suits up to 4 players. All players attempt to tag the others while keeping their own identities secret, and the first to score 3 tags is declared the winner!


Grimoire Shuffle

Grimoire Shuffle is a 4 or 6 player cooperative game of exploring a hazard-filled library and avoiding the advances of your fellow apprentices. Players must collect spellbooks and return them to the library’s archives, but with a twist: Each spellbook comes with its own unique spell which allows you to aid the players on your team or hinder the opponents in your way. Only by careful teamwork and strategic play will you be able to make it through the library and thwart your opponents!


Pixel Tactics

Pixel Tactics is a head-to-head card game for two players that is loosely based on Strategy Roleplaying Games (SPRGs) that are popular on many video game consoles. Each player plays with a deck of characters, and each character can be used in one of five different ways.

Build a unit, dismantle your opponents’ unit, and claim victory!


Infinity Dungeon

Infinity Dungeon is a game of bizarre characters, ridiculous dungeons, and unmatched storytelling fun. This lightweight storytelling game can be played by roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike, and is a great way to introduce friends and family to the world of storytelling games. In Infinity Dungeon, each player is given a character class, such as cowboy, space ranger, rock superstar, or evil overlord. Together, this ragtag bunch must descend into the depths of Infinity Dungeon and conquer the insane deathtraps within, often by using unconventional planning and whatever random tools they can scrape together along the way.


Blades of Legend

Blades of Legend is a game of secret roles and variable powers. Each player has inherited one of the fabled Blades of Legend, and all the powers that come with it. Will you be able to determine who your secret ally is and work with them to overcome your enemies? There can only be one Master of the Blades!


Master Plan

Master Plan is a gameshow for supervillains. Players leap from space to space in an American-Gladiator style arena, building the game floor secretly as they play. Will you set traps in your own path, to tempt others into racing ahead of you? Will you surround the goal with all manner of hazards, leaving yourself a secret back-door to victory? Only the most cunning will reach the trophy–for the others, it’s the trapdoor!




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